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In a career that spreads across two continents, Tyrone Geter has built an international reputation as a world-class artist, painter, sculptor, illustrator and teacher. He is a retired Associate Professor of Art at Benedict College in Columbia, SC, Geter grew up in Anniston, Alabama, during a time defined by strict segregation laws and social injustice. With a population of less that 25,000, Anniston was a site of numerous acts of racial violence during the Civil Rights Era. The immediacy of these events and an inherited legacy of spiritual strength and fortitude against all the odds inform and shape Geter’s work. 

Geter received his Master’s of Fine Arts from Ohio University in 1976 with an emphasis on painting and drawing. An exceptional draftsman, his portraits are sensitive, timeless and masterfully executed. Their power, displayed through their expression, gesture and adornments, seem often suspended in an otherworldly environment. They speak of a spiritual world overflowing with compassions and empathy. In this regard, his work is uniquely distinctive.

God's Playground

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Tyrone Geter