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I have always believed that one has to know as much technique as possible when developing a career. A good grasp of the technical demands of your craft is how the artist earns his freedom to be a creative professional. I rarely do sketches. I allow what I see, what I feel, or what outside forces that touches me during the course of my day to influence me. I am flying with that little voice and feeling in my head that acts as my guide. I usually proceed from there.


I work in series that  was inspired by an interview about John Coltrane who was once  asked why his recording, "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things," sometimes lasted 5 minutes and sometimes 30 minutes or more. He simply state that he plays it until he gets it all out. Sometimes one piece of artwork is just not enough to express and explain the particular concept that I am struggling with at the time. Sometimes it takes a village.

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Two young children from different countries sharing a cookie