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  • Notes On My Process

    When I was a student, my favorite artists were Charles White, Henry O, Tanner, Thomas Eakins, DaVinci, Goya, Van Gogh to name a few. Each one taught me a specific lesson. This reworking any part or all of a piece deals a lots with Tanner and Eakins. I am sure that everyone knows that Tanner before he was force to move to France, had been fortunate enough to study with the great American Artist and teacher, Thomas Eakins. Legend has it that in one class as Tanner was working on one of his paintings, Eakins strolled by stopped and pointed to a particular section indicating that it was very successful and showed great promise. Tanner for weeks never touched that section again. The next time that Eakins visited Tanner's painting, He was very angry that Tanner had not touched that section again, and simply stated "Make it better or make it worse." There is no middle ground. When I look at one of my incomplete pieces, that is the thing that pops into my head. Most of the time I will revisit that piece. This was also the response that John Coltrane gave that connects back to Tanner and Eakins. When Trane was asked why he played "These Are A few of favorite things" sometime thirty minutes and the next time for ten minutes, he just stated "I play it until I get it all out." Peace in art.

  • Collected

    Collectors Are you interested in knowing if your favorite artist has a growing number of collectors that would give you some idea as to the growth of the artist and the future of any investment that you might be considering. I have listed a link to a page illustrating my commitment to growing my collectors purchases value of the art of Tyrone Geter. Buying art is chancy and is never absolute. Always investigate the artist whose work you are considering buying. They should be as concerned about your money as you are. Follow this link to see what I have been up to over the years. Chronicles will give you a look at my early artistic development until now and the image file will give you a view of some of the things that I have sold. We invite you to join us. You are always welcome. Because of privacy concerns, the names of the collectors are not listed.

  • Enduring Spirit

    Columbia Museum of Art | May 2016-17 I was born a long long time ago in Anniston, Al. I was raised in a family of former share croppers from the deepest regions of Georgia. My mother, the oldest of ten children and the family, was uprooted by my grandfather in a move that relocated the family to Anniston, Al. My family until approximately 50 years were largely uneducated beyond grade school. My mother left school like her sibling, in the third grade and used that and common sense to educate two of her three children. She, like her sisters, spent most of her life as a domestic worker in the homes of both southern and northern white families. My grandfather and his sons performed many different jobs as skilled but low paid worker. Most of the males in the family struggled one time or another with weekend alcohol addiction but for the most part took care of their families. Growing up in Alabama in the household and neighborhood where I lived was a complex and difficult endeavor. We were poor but not destitute. I never went without food or clothing. My environment was a small community of poor black surrounded by Jim Crowe on all sides. Growing up in Alabama with the racism and the poverty would have and did destroy many Black families. ​ I was lucky. I was never alone or unprotected. I was always surrounded by strength and determination. My grandmother, my aunts and later my sisters were women of great strength that watched the children in our community with a protective blanket that kept most of the monsters away until we came of age and could invite the demons in ourselves. My friends and I were watched night and day by a community that valued us long before they could explain their feelings. I lived in the present of great strength and fortitude. It was always around me. These were the people that shaped my growth and created the solid foundation that supported my journey as I walked the path looking for a life that they always taught me was mine. Their spirit influenced me, molded me and and picked me up when I stumbled. So as I was searching for just the right titled for probably my most important exhibition, I looked back to those days when I was surrounded by the protective umbrella of a strong extended family. As it has always happened in the past, the incredible memories of their lives and commitment to family reminded me of who I was and how in spite of the odds, manage to reach one of the high points of my profession. I chose the title Enduring Spirit. It is important to note that in choosing this concept, I was careful not to add the “s” as in “Enduring Spirits.” The title was meant as a tribute to the individual perseverance of the many women and men who took responsibility for the life that was offered to them and struggled to pass a legacy of struggle and resistances down to their children. Enduring Spirit was never meant to be a testament to any religious doctrine. It explores the strength of my past that has informed my present and gave me the wisdom to prepare a future for those that I love.. The tall eight foot piece on the long wall is a part of that series. Whereas, the completed exhibition is based in the concept of unrelenting struggles against the terrible overwhelming pressure to survive, these drawings I think express this point unapologetically. This exhibition lives my live, speaks my truth, and talks of the many battles,and wounds that a life time committed to trying to do the right thing for others and my family has etched in my mind and spirit. When my mother taught a lesson, it was for life.

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  • Brave New World | tyronegeter

    A Brave New World PANDEMICS AS THE RESULT OF THE CON Brave New World ​ There's a new world comin' | And it's just around the bend | There's a new world comin' | This one's comin' to an end | There's a new voice calling | And you can hear it if you try | And it's growing stronger with every day that passes by There's a brand new mornin' | Rising clear and sweet and free | There's a new day dawning | That belongs to you and me Yes there's a new world comin' | You know the one I'm talkin' about, the one we've had visions of | And it's comin in peace, comin' in joy | Comin' in peace, comin' in joy | Come in peace, come in joy, comin' in love And I saw another sign in Heaven | Great and marvelous | Seven angels having the seven last plagues | For in them is filled up the Wrath of God | And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire | And them that had gotten the victory over the beast And over his image | And over his mark | And over the number of his name | Stand on the sea of glass | Having the harps of God all around them ​ Nina Simone "New World Coming" ​ Out of gallery

  • Hell's Shadow | tyronegeter

    Living In the light Of Hells Shadows Fear In The Age Of The Con Shadow People Out of gallery

  • New Day New Dawn | tyronegeter

    Pandemics and the Healing Power of light New Dawn New Day Rising Birds flying high, you know how I feel | Sun in the sky, you know how I feel | Breeze driftin' on by, you know how I feel It's a new dawn | It's a new day | It's a new life for me, yeah | It's a new dawn | It's a new day It's a new life for me, ooh | And I'm feeling good. Nina Simone "Feelin' Good Out of gallery

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