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    • Lucy: I am the boss here Movement 4 - Nina "It's A New Dawn. It's A New Day and I 'm Feeling Good

      This image will probably be somewhere near the end of the Brave New World Collection." The drawings in this series were concieved to tell the story of what affect climate change will have on the future of our children if we fail to act responsibly. The charcoal drawings are meant to be dark and gloomy as the maintenance of the society falls on the shoulder of the next generation who is not remotely ready to response in a way that can turn back the clock to days before excessive greed changed our expectations for the future. The new color pieces are meant to show optimism for a future tomorrow. This image, in the very early stages of the painting, is meant to show that given a change in the nature and character of human kind, we may still survive. The woman represents Mother Nature who is still holding court on whether or not we are worthy of forgiveness. Does Humanity deserves a second chance? This is a difficult painting for me. I am not known to paint landscapes but it is a challenge (3 days). And the struggle will continue.

    • Let Me Explain Myself

      As an artist, I have always been driven by the need to communicate. Becoming a professional artist meant discovering the most efficient method to convey my message to any and all people who would brave the challenges and issues that drive me to create. I love drawing the figure and discovered early in my life that it gave me the opportunity to talk to other people from our shared humanity. As written by Publius Terentius (c. 195/185 – c. 159 BC), playwright and once enslaved African, "I am human, nothing human is alien to me." George Wallace Alabama was not an ideal birthplace for traveling the path to an artistic career. The only influences I was afforded was my sister copying a magazine image of a woman with the instruction "Draw Me" written beneath it. Creatively hungry, I did as the photo instructed. I drew. I later meet and was greatly influenced by a family friend who studied Art Education at Miles College. My desire to be a part of a creative environment was born. Being fascinated by the human form, I have tried for many years to understand its nature as well as its anatomical makeup. Throughout my career, the human form has been the mechanism that makes it possible for me to speak my truth about my life, beliefs, and the varied and colorful histories of my people. Early in my career, I believed that the more realistic the style and technique, the more significant and profound the statement; that the ability to communicate experiences was greatly improved by a well-rendered figure. Nigeria changed that notion. Living in Africa from 1979 – 1987 profoundly transformed my life and work. The richness, color, and complexities of the Nigeria's people and cultures showed me that creative interpretation combined with relevant ideas were also important factors. I began to push the personal limits of my approach to the figure, exploring the use of multiple lines that have always been a natural outgrowth of my drawings. The boundaries of realistic interpretation began to morph and expand freeing me to create at a new and exciting level. I moved from the influence of the pure geometric shapes of Islamic art and began using and adapting torn paper as a free hanging collage element as well as incorporating overlapping edges to create motion and mixed media. Drawing From The Lifeline is the culmination of many influences and years of study. Its themes originate from an earlier concept, Purgatory Ain't Nothin' But The Blues. In my work, "purgatory" is defined as a concept that carries emotional weight that is generational in scope rather than functioning as a traditional religious doctrine or belief. It is analogues to the crushing, over-powering reality of the blues of which there are many — the "I ain't got me no money blues," "my baby done gone and left me blues", "another man done gone blues", "I need a job blues." As BB King so eloquently put it "If you ever been mistreated, then you know just what I'm talking about." The "purgatory of the blues" is ever present and speaks to the human condition. Purgatory Ain't Nothin' But The Blues uses all aspects of African and African American life and culture as themes for the subject it explores. Series within the Purgatory collection include Black Face; Black Works; Dark Angels; Survival; Mask; Ghetto Angel; Ain't I A Woman and Living In The Light Of Hell's Shadow, to name a few. Tyrone Geter

    • Selfie

      06/08/15 12:18 My pledge to me. As an artist, if I can not create things with meaning and relevants to the struggle of us all, if my work can not wake the humanity buried by our existence, if my life fail to speak to that person that is laid our bear by their struggle to survive, if I take the safe road when all around me is in peril, if stupidity is my chosen path, if blinding ignorance impedes my vision of life's realities, if I die tonight without putting up the good fight, without speaking loudly about the encroachment of the demons, Please don't weep for me. I got what I deserved. Selfie 06/08/15 12:13 We all should try to make a difference but the question is that is the difference that we make bigger than we are and are we unselfish enough to know if our differences serve the good or bows to things better left unsaid in polite company. #studio #cleaning #organization

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    • Landing | tyronegeter

      Pandemic In The Age of The Con Enter And Take A Look By tackling this issue which could be the most important crisis of our time, the intent is not to focus on the physical damage that a vengeful planet might reek on a defenseless populate but to focus on the psychological and emotional effect that would be done to our youth. How would the realization that adults refused to take the necessary actions that may have insured their survival against the the dark forces of nature? A new series of drawings and paintings by r Tyrone Gete

    • God's Playground | tyronegeter

      God's Playground One of a kind. Quick View MothersAreAlways Watching Price $450.00 Quick View God's Country Price $20,000.00 Giclee Sold Out Quick View The Good Lord Done Give Me Wings But My People Taught Me To Fly Price $18,000.00 Quick View Shame Price $15,000.00 Sold Quick View Just Cause Life Throwed You A Curve Don't Mean You Have To Catch It Out of stock Quick View Playing With My Father Price $9,500.00 Quick View Swimming in the Clouds Of Heaven Price $12,000.00 Sold Quick View Jubilation At The Gates Out of stock Quick View This Stuff Is Worst Than Snow Price $12,000.00 Quick View Apparision Price $12,000.00 Quick View Threshold Price $25,000.00 Quick View It's Time We Started Home Price $15,000.00 Sold Quick View Walking On The Clouds Of Heaven Out of stock I grew up in Anniston, AL during the infamous reign of Governor George Wallace. My family’s history was and still is based in sharecropping in Georgia. My grandfather and grandmother left Georgia looking for something better and eventually jumped out of the frying pan landing in Anniston, Al barn fire. My mother, burden with a third grade education, began her career in her preteens as a domestic worker. She moved my sisters and me from Anniston to Dayton, OH where I started the ninth grade at Roosevelt High School. Art at Roosevelt was a passionate discovery that set me on my present path. Living in Alabama introduced me to the joy and pain of religion and all of its components. I learn the power of the word and the spiritual relief of a good Sunday sermon. I was strongly instructed in the heavenly rewards for the righteous and the deadly destructive heat and suffering of hell’s fire for those who do not abide by the word of God. A Few years ago, a thought fought its way into my consciousness and refused to leave until we had a discussion. Throughout human history, we have all believed that if we lived right and obeyed His teachings, we were assured a place in Heaven. I asked myself, “If so many people are going to Heaven, would it not be over populated. What would they do all day when everything was provide by the Father? Anything that they wished to do, I said.” If God is what we all believe him to be, his children would be free to roam the clouds of heaven as they wished without fear or restriction. All of Heaven would be theirs to explore and enjoy. God’s Playground evolved from this concept.

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Tyrone Geter