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  • Lucy: I am the boss here Movement 4 - Nina "It's A New Dawn. It's A New Day and I 'm Feeling Good

    This image will probably be somewhere near the end of the Brave New World Collection." The drawings in this series were concieved to tell the story of what affect climate change will have on the future of our children if we fail to act responsibly. The charcoal drawings are meant to be dark and gloomy as the maintenance of the society falls on the shoulder of the next generation who is not remotely ready to response in a way that can turn back the clock to days before excessive greed changed our expectations for the future. The new color pieces are meant to show optimism for a future tomorrow. This image, in the very early stages of the painting, is meant to show that given a change in the nature and character of human kind, we may still survive. The woman represents Mother Nature who is still holding court on whether or not we are worthy of forgiveness. Does Humanity deserves a second chance? This is a difficult painting for me. I am not known to paint landscapes but it is a challenge (3 days). And the struggle will continue.

  • The Working Artist Decoded

    This is from a discussion with artist yesterday on my working method. It will give you an adea as to who I am and the work that I create. I have always believed that one has to know as much technique as possible when developing a career. Your technique should be as efficient in as many disciplines as possible, the subconscious then is free to create in any direction that it deems necessary. There is no distractions or misdirection created by trying to figure out how to create a certain green. I rarely do sketches. I allow what I see, what I feel, or what outside forces that touches me during the course of my day to influence me. I am a man who has always embraced the freedom of his emotional response to things. I generally start my compositions from a little voice in the back of my head that brings attention to something that affects me emotionally. The ideal usually sits there and my conscience and subconscious have a running conversation that keeps developing the idea. Once the idea become demanding, I start to think about and look for the central focus of the idea. I think of creating like outlining a book. Every topic can be subdivided in to a number of subtopics. That is why I generally work in series; hoodies, 4 women by Nina, etc. So I build a composition. Therefore, I very rarely have a finished idea where the piece is headed. I am flying with that little voice and feeling that has been bugging me for days. The series thing started from an interview with John Coltrane when asked why "These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things" is sometimes played 5 minutes and sometimes 30 minutes or more, he simply state that he plays it until he gets it all out. Although I suspect that I have always worked this way (with the subconscious), Yusef Lateef in a conversation when we were both working in Nigeria made me aware of it and the possibilities that it presented. I think that is how he works. Think about it. Do you think that the great jazz musicians could play at all without allowing the subconscious to be the dominant force? I doubt if I have explained this well or fully but maybe it gives you an idea about my creative process. Oh, one demand I have is a very serious contempt for overly creating and recreating the same things over and over again. The series helps me to get around that and basically get one idea out of my system and move on. I will probably expand on this a little later.

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    View By Themes VIEW BY THEME Please use the View By Themes and the page for an in depth analysis of the artist and his work. We will be updating this section regularly so check back often. About Me If you are interested in purchasing either Giclee prints or originals, just go next door to Shop at our online store. IMAGES OF AFRICA Themes ENDURING SPIRIT GOD'S PLAYGROUND AND AIN'T I A WOMAN COLLAGES Mixed Media INSTALLATIONS

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    Mixed Media Quick View Original Feel The Spirit Price $25,000.00 Quick View Original I Ain't Nobodies Bi#$h Price $7,000.00 Quick View Original Generations Price $24,000.00 Quick View Ori Alone In Someone Else's Crowd Price $18,000.00 Quick View Ori Until I Was Taught Price $18,000.00 Quick View Ori Boxed In BoxingOut Price $8,000.00 Quick View Ori Spirits No 2 Ancestors Price $13,000.00 Quick View Original Two Bits, Four Bits Price $8,500.00 Quick View The Good Lord Done Give Me Wings But My People Taught Me To Fly Price $20,000.00 Quick View Original Blue Moon Price $5,000.00 Quick View God's Country Price $20,000.00

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