Giclee Limited Edition 50 Ori: 40"x60" | Charcoal on torn paper 


Hood Witches from an interview withFaylita Hicks at Kenyon Review.


The first time I saw Tyrone Geter’s Bullseye my response was so visceral that I shuddered and quickly closed the browser. I was disturbed by the image. It felt too familiar. Looked too much like me on any given day. Which is why it had to be the cover. The unflinching stare of the womxn in the image is what I would return to again and again when editing my poems. If I read one of my poems and it didn’t make me feel like that cover—it didn’t go into the book. If I read one of my poems and it didn’t make me want to howl—it didn’t go into the book. If I read one of my poems and it didn’t make me want to set the world on fire—it didn’t go into the book. Acre Publisher


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