Original: 36"x48" from the series "God's Playground"


Just Cause Life Throwed You A Curve Don’t Mean You Have To Catch It.
I taught painting and drawing at Benedict College. I was also a tenured faculty member at the University Of Akron. I spent seven years from 1979 to 1987 teaching and creating art at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria. The seven years I spent abroad left me ill prepared for what confront me when I returned in 1987. My first job back was at the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. Working with Nigerian college students and my absences from the United States for long periods of time did not prepare me for the seemingly downward spiral that our children seem to be descending. I interacted with young kids who were daily exposed to some of the most horrendous conditions imaginable. The early exposure to poverty, violence and often broken homes led to a cynicism that was painful to watch and accept. I was there for one year but it left a profound impression on me that I knew when the time was right would manifest itself in my art. “Just Cause Life Throwed You A Curve Don’t Mean You Have To Catch It” is the outcome of my first contact with our youth upon my return to the United States.
Many of us are born into poverty, beaten down by discrimination and further handicapped by an inadequate education. Do you just play the hand that life has dealt you, accept your fate or strive to draw to a full house from Mother Nature store.
The kid in this painting stands alone. He holds an ill-defined baseball glove that offers one solution if you are uniquely qualified. His expression is defiant and offers the notion that he will fight for what he wants and deserve. No hand is forever. No condition is permanent. Life is full of opportunities for the prepare mind.

Just Cause Life Throwed You A Curve Don't Mean You Have To Catch It



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Tyrone Geter