Ori Aunt Sara

Giclee Limited Edition 50 30"x20" | Original:  Charcoal 50"x40"


“Aunt Sarah" can be considered the bedrock of Black life in America. She is the paragon of strength and courage and represents the grandmothers and aunties who anchor African American communities across the country. She is the holder of stories and keeps the culture and traditions close to her heart to be passed to the subsequent generations. Metaphorically, she is nurtures the flame of cultural knowledge and wisdom. Simone describes her as ’strong enough to take the pain inflicted again and again.’

Ori Aunt Sara

  • Charcoal On Paper | 60" x 40" Framed | Original Drawing created especially for the Columbia Museum Of Art Exhibition "Enduring Spirit".

    Movement #1 - Four Women May 2016 - July 2017.

Info on Installment plans available here.