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Updated: Jan 19

This image will probably be somewhere near the end of the Brave New World Collection." The drawings in this series were concieved to tell the story of what affect climate change will have on the future of our children if we fail to act responsibly. The charcoal drawings are meant to be dark and gloomy as the maintenance of the society falls on the shoulder of the next generation who is not remotely ready to response in a way that can turn back the clock to days before excessive greed changed our expectations for the future. The new color pieces are meant to show optimism for a future tomorrow. This image, in the very early stages of the painting, is meant to show that given a change in the nature and character of human kind, we may still survive. The woman represents Mother Nature who is still holding court on whether or not we are worthy of forgiveness. Does Humanity deserves a second chance?

This is a difficult painting for me. I am not known to paint landscapes but it is a challenge (3 days). And the struggle will continue.

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