06/08/15 12:18

My pledge to me. As an artist, if I can not create things with meaning and relevants to the struggle of us all, if my work can not wake the humanity buried by our existence, if my life fail to speak to that person that is laid our bear by their struggle to survive, if I take the safe road when all around me is in peril, if stupidity is my chosen path, if blinding ignorance impedes my vision of life's realities, if I die tonight without putting up the good fight, without speaking loudly about the encroachment of the demons, Please don't weep for me. I got what I deserved.


06/08/15 12:13

We all should try to make a difference but the question is that is the difference that we make bigger than we are and are we unselfish enough to know if our differences serve the good or bows to things better left unsaid in polite company.

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