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Dealing With The Digital

1. Many artists that I have met worked the same style, technique, and materials over and over again. I am very interested in growth, change, and technical development. Computer graphics (thanks to master Sanford Greene) is just another skill that interests me. I live at a time when technology is a dominant force in our lives. I see it. I explore its possibilities. I seek to master what I require for my own artistic development. No fear. No preconceived notions. Simply, curiosity for a 21st century technique. If we combine what we already know with something that is new to us, by all of God's grace, what could we achieve?

2. Charcoal, or pencil, paints, pastels, I simply chose what I would have used if I was in front of my easel. I have always told my students that an effective use of value to build a drawing is the doorway to all studio art. A person who understands this will most often find his way into many techniques. You just have to want it. After all, drawing is an acquired skill that can be mastered by many. Just one artist’s opinion.

3. Like I said, it is a contemporary technique. I can tell you this, in all of the artwork that I have created in my life, if I had to repeat them all it would still be the paint, brushes, charcoal, etc. Nothing replaces this. I can see how it works for some illustrators and that is fine, but the granddaddy of it all is based in the history of the creative process. Right now, I am having fun learning something that I did not know. I think that this is enough for the moment.