... One of the first things that struck me when I went into the streets and villages to draw was the glow in the faces. It was a glow that came from within, from a knowledge of self, a trust in life, ... All my innermost feelings about the beauty of the Black People I had known came to life, and I was happy.

Tom Feelings impressions of Ghana

Wedding Celebration

in Jambanjelly, The Gambia

There is an Islamic tradition that says, ``love of one's fatherland is part of faith.'' From the time the first Africans were violently torn from the shores of this continent up until today, there has existed in the hearts of many a desire to return to their motherland. It is true that the whole world is the home of the human species, but nevertheless, some places are more attractive, more congenial, and more appealing to some people than others. And so is Africa to us.

Dr. Kahlil Mahmud former university librarian at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria.