Living In The Light Of Hell's Shadow
from the series "Purgatory Ain't Nothing But The Blues"

Fear In The Age Of The Con

What is purgatory?


What is the blues?


Both are places—interim psychological spaces—bordered by heaven and hell, except for one difference. Whereas purgatory is a post-death site, the blues is here and now, in the kitchen, under the bed, down the street, at the corner, in the heart. Whether at the upper border, that is, toward heaven, or at the lower border descending to hell, border crossing for those consigned to purgatory are marked by exquisite pain or extraordinary pleasure, but neither for long. Purgatory is a place for redemption, a last chance to right wrongs, to wash your linens clean. But the blues hardly dwells on such, rather, it converts the urge for redemption into a plaintive note, or bends it into a wail, or just transforms it into funk.

These two collages were started arounds 2010 where they were meant to sit back to back in the center of a gallery floor. Recently, I have begun to push my work outside of the picture frame. My images have been including 3-d installations as a part of the 2-d presentations.


In 2017, I began to regard them as an incomplete concept. The pieces were reconfigured to be the main component of “Purgatory,” a full gallery installation of mixed-media installations. This is an ongoing project in a constant state of change and growth starting to reveal itself.


Movement one examines the fate of the lost souls who are now awaiting Hell’s decision. It is called “Judgement At The Gate.” It is composed of the two center collages with the I included installations. I believe that the changes are significant and meets the qualifications as required by the Southern Prize competition. Ten addition drawings are planned.


Movement two theme is “Living In The Light Of Hell’s Shadow.”