The Enduring Spirit exhibition presents works by master draftsman Tyrone Geter. Enduring Spirit is comprised of twenty-one individual works, each measuring between 4’ x 8’ to 60” x 40”. The style and techniques are at once both traditional and experimental. In these twenty-one works, charcoal is used in the time tested methods of defining the boundaries of the subject matter and blurring the aspects of the form that encourages movement and a complex connection of the subject with its environment. Geter incorporates a three-dimensional component with the sculptural use of torn and cut paper that implies a new element in the art of realistically rendering figures 

simultaneously in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.

Enduring Spirit is based in the concept of unrelenting struggles and the overwhelming pressure to survive. It explores the strength of a past that shaped my present and gave me the wisdom and the courage to prepare a future for those I love. This exhibition holds my life, speaks my truth, and talks of the many battles, and wounds that a lifetime committed to trying to do the right thing for others and my family has etched in my mind and spirit. My mother through her words and deeds, taught her children that one of our primary roles in life is to do the best we could to help others. When my mother taught a lesson, it was for life. Because of her, my spirit endures.