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Safe | Mixed Charcoal On Paper | 30x16Feel The Spirit | Collage | 76x40Red Hat | Original In Private Collection

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Yusef In Africa
South Carolina Low Country
Big Red Hat
Mixed Media art from Tyrone Geter
Feel The Spirit
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Madonna and Child
Madonna And Child
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Mixed media art from Tyrone Geter

Welcome to the homepage at We specialize in the creative compositions of African American artist, Tyrone Geter. Tyrone's work expands the full range of artistic materials including oils, pastels, acrylics, collage, mixed media and practically all drawing materials, especially charcoals. Tyrone who spent 7 years in Nigeria, is greatly influenced by the lifestyles, cultures and colors of the Nigerian countryside. Most of the early works, the paintings and drawings in particularly, reflect these influence. Tyrone has constantly persued new and refreshing approach to portraying the human condition. His determination to maintaining an emotional and social connection to his art and his audiance sets him apart from some contemporary art and thinking. His art hits you and stops you in your tracks. His goal is to cativated and united his viewer with the feeling of oneness with all things. Take A look and let us know what you think.


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Images from God's Playground
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